Opinions of the Shia Muslim Maraj’e (leaders) to using Qama

Shia Muslim Maraje Imam Khomeini , Imam Khamenei, Makarem Shirazi, , Javadi Amoli, Sobhani, Allame Mohsen Amin and …. they banned use cutlass in rituals.

Blood, War and… is not the real face of Shia Muslim!

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this website says:

Mourning for Imam Hossein has always been emphasized on by the Imams and Muslim scholars, and throughout history, there have always been gatherings in which people would mourn for the Imam.

One of the ways people in some cities and countries would perform the mourning for the Imam and his companions was to use Qama.  This method was allowed by the Ulema of that time under the condition that it does not threaten one’s life. However there is no hadith that has mentioned this type of morning in particular, therefore it is not considered a Mustahab act.

But today this act has given the adversaries of Islam the chance to take advantage and misrepresent Islam and Shiism by showing these ceremonies and making it a big issue, to the extent that this act today is considered harmful to Shiism. Subsequently, today the Waliyy Faqih and the majority of the Maraj’e have declared the usage of Qama as Haram.

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source: IslamQuest


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